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Institute Profile

Royal Institute for Tourism and Hospitality (RITH) proudly stands in a very calm and clean area, surrounded by Pines and Cypress. It’s a very ideal place to study, a modern and well equipped home away from home.

    The place was known as Motithang Hotel during the coronation of our   4th Druk Gyelpo. The hotel served during the coronation of our 4th Druk Gyelpo, by then the hotel was managed and functioned by Bhutan Tourism Corporation Limited (BTCL).

    Later the hotel was taken over by YDF and for sometime the building functioned as Centre for Youth from around the country. In 2003, Royal Government of Bhutan and Austrian Government jointly decided to fund   for a Tourism and Hospitality Institute. The construction began in 2004, given a new look to the old building and replacing the old front building with a new banquet and reception building.

    Queen Mother, Ashi Dorji Wangmo Wangchuck Inaugurated the institute.   The inaugural ceremony was attended by ministers and high officials.

    The Royal Institute for Tourism and Hospitality is the first institute of its kind to be established in Bhutan, RITH is committed to advancing professional training and education in the    Bhutanese Tourism and Hospitality industry.

    It is located in Upper Motithang, Thimphu and has a beautiful and serene environment befitting        for learning activities. It has modern state-of-art facilities and aspires to be the regional centre            of excellence where tourism and hospitality studies are concerned.

    It is equipped with the cutting edge technologies at par with any other international institute. All the buildings are connected with   central heating system and the best practice of sustainable energy use   will be followed with the operation of its own power station. The   institute also takes pride in having its own waste management plant.   Our study programs are designed to prepare students for a career in a field that keeps experiencing worldwide growth.

    Students will live and learn in a safe, modern environment on our campus in Motithang, Thimphu. Our faculty consists of experienced   professionals from all areas of the Tourism and Hospitality industry.

    An education at the Royal Institute for Tourism and Hospitality in   Bhutan is the first step towards an exciting and rewarding career in Bhutan and around the world.

Vision and Mission

 “Aspiring to be the Regional Centre of Excellence in the World of Tourism and Hospitality.”


” Preparing graduates with lifelong values and skills capable of securing positions and leading the entire tourism and hospitality industry”

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Contact Us

Royal Institute for Tourism and Hospitality
Post Box No. 1147
Upper Motithang
Thimphu, Bhutan

Tel no. : +975-o2-331281

E-mail Id :


The curriculum of RITH is designed in accordance with international standards to guarantee the recognition of the education by the international tourism industry and at the same time it is also tailored to meet specific needs of Bhutanese. Further, it is also kept open and flexible to accommodate add-ons and new developments over the period in the future.

The regular programme will span two years which will be broken into four terms with the first two terms being the foundation terms followed by another two terms of specialization. Students graduating from the RITH will get an internationally acknowledged diploma certificate which will enable them to look for employment within Bhutan and abroad.

The curriculum of the RITH is strongly focused on the balance between theory and practical training. Practical training enhances the students’ performance as theoretical knowledge is complemented by practical knowledge and hands-on experience. The uniqueness of the hospitality education is that it craves not only knowledge but also technical skills that demand style and precision which will be the bedrock of building professionals in the area.

At the RITH, the practical training in food production, restaurant services, reception and housekeeping is interwoven with theoretical lessons. Students will have the opportunity to practice their knowledge in institute’s 4-star hotel and a new banqueting facility which will be of immense help to bridge the gap between abstract knowledge and reality. Besides, students will have a system where one of meals will be served by students to themselves on a shift basis which will also require students to serve in the manner and style as per the international standard. This will further boost their practical skills and help to deliver technical skills without hindrances.

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RITH offers one of the best boarding facilities in the country with all amenities provided by the institute. It is a pride of the institute. Facilities provided are similar to that of standard rooms in the hotels. There are 25 rooms in total and it has a capacity to accommodate 76 students. Each room has a bathroom and toilet attached. Rooms are furnished with study tables and chairs along with wardrobes and a shoe rack. There is 24 hours of hot water supply .Every room is connected with a central heating system to keep you warm during the cold season.

The boarding wing has been designed to create a secure and pleasant living, and learning community for students. Everything is right for students to live, study and graduate. For your information Boarding House Manager’s room and office is located adjacent to the girl’s hostel room for any assistance you need during your stay in the hostel. Students’ dining room and academic wing are adjacent to their boarding house and it hardly takes a minute by walk.


The admission of students shall take place after every one year of the academic period. The maximum intake for the admission shall be limited to 50 [fifty] students (25 girls and 25 boys) for every admission period unless otherwise approved by the Board for increase in the intake.

The gender equality shall be one of the fundamental criteria for admitting students into the diploma program. The admission shall ensure that there are equal numbers of students opting for concentration programs in III semester in every batch. Applicants shall be physically fit and mentally sound.

The minimum qualification prescribed for participating in the selection process into the diploma program shall be Class XII pass. The minimum cut-off point and individual marks requirement to participate in the selection process shall be announced prior to the admission.

The calculation of percentage for fulfilling cut-off point shall take into consideration English plus any three best subjects. Candidates shall be required to take the institute entrance exams in order for them to be accepted and allowed to register as full time students irrespective of the strength of applicants. The purpose of these entrance exams is to ensure that only candidates who are likely to succeed in their studies are admitted.

The entrance exams shall take place in one day at the institute and shall be administered in the following two areas:

  • Written exams
  • Viva-voice

The written exams shall test their English Language, Aptitude, General Knowledge, History, Current Affairs, Local Politics, Geography, History & Critical Reasoning.
The interview shall test candidate’s ability in the following areas but not limited to

  • Appearance/Grooming
  • Analytical ability
  • Attitude
  • Language and Communication Skills